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Renewable Energy; Waste Management Solutions

Thanks to our hydropower resources, Norway have produced renewable and clean hydropower for more than one hundred years, resulting in a share of renewable energy in Norway’s total energy consumption of about 60 %. This resulted in a skilled renewable industry at home, which later has become increasingly more international.

Norway and the Scandinavian countries have long placed an emphasis on environmental issues both through global cooperation as well as initiatives on the national, regional and local level. In the Scandinavian region we have ongoing work regarding other renewable energy sources which have the potential to provide additional supply. This includes wind power on- and offshore, osmotic power, solar power and bio energy.

NES - Norwegian Energy Solutions, the NOES division keeping competence inside the renewable energy business, helps you to keep up with the latest cutting-edge developments from leading Nordic and European companies within the industry of Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology. 

The bottom line is that NORWEGIAN OIL AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS helps you find the best suppliers and financial solutions for your business inside waste management, commercialization of technologies.

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